Door County Lighthouses & Range Lights

Door County has over 300 miles of shoreline. Before GPS, lighthouses and range lights used to be a necessity to navigate ships into harbors safely. Door County has 11 breathtaking, historic lighthouses scattered across the county. Many are still in operation and open to the public for tours (for a fee). Below is a list of Lighthouses in Door County.

Lighthouses & Range Lights

Pottawatomie Lighthouse

Plum Island Range Lights

Pilot Island Lighthouse

Chambers Island Lighthouse

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Cana Island Lighthouse

Baileys Harbor Range Lights

Old Baileys Harbor Light

Sherwood Point Lighthouse

Sturgeon Bay Canal Station Lighthouse

North Pierhead Lighthouse

Trying to find each lighthouse may pose as a tricky task as they are hidden all across the county. Most are not open and available to the general public. Three Door County Lighthouses¬†are available for tours for an additional cost. If you want to make a day of Lighthouses, while saving time and money, check out our Trolley Lighthouse Tour. It’s from 9:30am- 1:30pm. Guests will be navigated to each lighthouse for a private tour.